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Who we are & what we do.

Paycase is a mobile-first universal remittance platform aimed at challenging and changing the traditional money transfer model. As a team, we have created a service that allows our customers to send money across the world for a fraction of the current industry standard; quickly, reliably, and on-the-go!

Paycase is determined to make sending money to family and friends overseas easy and hassle-free with our reliable and easy to use product.

We currently offer payout options via bank deposit, cash pickup, and door-to-door delivery, with more payout options coming soon!

We are a FINTRAC registered remittance company.

Here at Paycase we believe in financial change and evolution. We are a fast-growing team, made up of some of the most talented and innovative minds of this generation. Located in the tech hub of Toronto, Canada, we are working day-in and day-out to solve the problems of the traditional financial service industry and create a product that helps people.

While currently focused on sending money between Canada and the Philippines, Paycase continues to cultivate relationships with additional sending and receiving countries. We aim to expand and refine our product rapidly and grow globally.


Our team is comprised of some of the best talent in Toronto, who've built some of the top consumer facing applications for global brands.

Joseph Weinberg

Chief Executive Officer

Keane Tan

Chief Operating Officer

Nicolas Morin

Head of Engineering

Lucie Weinberg

Head of Marketing

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